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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Here are a list of podcasts links to materials. Of course only ideas to help us grow not always 100 % gospel truth that everyone would agree with totally. They are something that some will find challenging and that I sometimes find helpful.


Link to what others feel are good podcasts

#1: Brotherhood Podcasts (produced by members of Churches of Christ)

Behind the Pulpit (The Equip Network)
Biblical Manliness (The Light Network)
The Book Club (The Light Network)
Branches of Ashville Road (Drew Kizer; weekly devo)
Culture Shock (The Light Network)
Equipped Today (The Equip Network)
If Truth be Told (Cliff Goodwin)
iQuest (Madison, AL, Church of Christ)
MinistryGeek This Week (The Equip Network)
Preachers in Training (The Light Network)
Ready to Worship (The Light Network)
The Salvation Podcast (The Light Network)
Sermons in the Shadow of the Cross (Lebanon Road Church of Christ)

#2: Other Religious Podcasts

Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharias)
Grace to You (John MacArthur) NOTE: I do not subscribe to this podcast, but I will “load up” on it and listen to several episodes on long trips, so I wanted to include it here.

#3: News and Information

Beyond the To Do List (Erik Fisher)
The Briefing (Albert Mohler)
This is Your Life (Michael Hyatt)

#4: Sports and Hobbies

#5: Other

The Money Guy (Brian Preston)
Podcast Answer Man (Cliff Ravenscraft)
The Wrecked Sessions (Jeff Goins)


Now that you have seen the podcasts that I enjoy, take a few moments to “hop” over to the other writers who are doing the same thing:
Robert Hatfield lists his podcasts here.
Dale Jenkins joins in here.
Chad Landman shares his list here.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Role with Edmond Church of Christ

We are happy to welcome our newest minister, Kevin Rayner, on staff beginning June 3. Kevin will be serving the Edmond Church as our Community & Senior Adult Minister. His primary responsibilities will be coordinating community outreach efforts and also working with senior adults.

Kevin and his wife, Katie, worked as domestic missionaries for almost 25 years before moving to Tecumseh, OK, where Kevin served as pulpit minister for the Highland Church of Christ.

The Rayners have two sons, Dustin and Patrick, who are both members of the Edmond Church, along with their wives, Quinn and Daniella, respectively. A reception to welcome the Rayners is planned for Sunday, June 3, in the fellowship hall after evening service.

Link to rest of the story.